Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15th June

*Knock Knock* *12am* As i entered the door i saw my friend shocked to see me at his place. Of course anybody would've been to see someone at their door at 12AM !
I went to hug him and for a second i felt him crying... it was all i couldn't control!!
he brought me in and i suddenly realized that someone was waiting to wish him too.

I called her and saw him shine brighter than ever =)

It was a crowd of three of us, around the middle of night having FUN!!
Ehab then decided to order *hot dogs* , we both thought of as if he was a vegetarian.
He convinced mum and dad and i was finally sleeping over at his place, i couldn't believe that this was the first time MY parents allowed me to stay, perhaps EHAB Was quite special =P..

Okay so the conversations kept getting longer every minute, and ehab was like whats this going on , and on my BIRTHDAY!!
We had to make the C.V and we made it together and a wonderful one...
With all those not necessary details which meant alot more to me <3

We decided to watch a movie then, but in 20 min ehab fell asleep!
Then it was only me watching it all alone...
I couldnt sleep properly after it...

Then in the morning we started off with our journey to trg but that journey wasnt just like a simple normal one, it tool us hours roaming the same place again and again!! well it was real fun....

Ehab turned 17 that day and i was very much jealous =p jk.
It all ended around 5pm, and we were all exhausted!!

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  1. i love the way i was there without actually being there. wow and it even sounds cool :)