Thursday, August 26, 2010


Right now, im fucked up with the shit going in my head, i dont really know whats going on, trying to fight every single question from my father... Why?? Where?? How??
I wanted to go to the UK for a year to complete my AS level then move to Canada but everybody wants me to do that AS level here. Oh c'mon ?? this sucks totally!!
Now its decided for me to go to Canada after a year ..... and i just cant fight it....

I guess they're old enough to tell me ... so i stay here in pakistan!!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Okay so its 2:26Am and im here sitting here all alone in the lounge.
Everyones asleep and im here alone bored... actually not much because i just watched a match and it happens to be fun when the team you support is winning.. lol so i win it AGAIN from ehab.. MANCHESTER UNITED ROCKS FOREVER!!
These days have become boring, just totally boring crap. Im a school-less which makes me even more "vela" than ever!! I hear my friends talking about admissions for their a-levels which kills me because i cant wait any longer to move to Canada. I just got my result so now i can finally apply for college.
I got nothing better to do except Movies, Guitaring, music, football thats it!!

Okay now i'd just get something to eat

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Its about time, when i started getting pissed, conjusted in myself, but there was a reason to keep me entertained.
Abdullah and I planned ps-2 session, which totally worked for not only me but him aswell. Pro is something that can never let anyone go bored for sure ( p.s only football/soccer gamers)
I went over to his place and we both realised it was actually real fun... Even though he beat me everytime but still i was in a learning stage =P
We played aand played the whole day but then mum called and we realised it was almost 10 pm..we'd been playing the whole fucking day ?? phr we sneaaked out to gymkhana...
best place for everything ^_^
Its fun these days with all my friends around !!


Nothing lasts forever (p.s a song by maroon5)
Now i finally realize how time moves on and people eventually get carried onto it. I never knew how 'goofy' i was... Even she kept telling me but now i finally realize, its never too late in learning..
They say leave the lost and dead behind, now i agree. But why now?? thats the question i keep asking myself!!
I'll find my way through and nothing in this world can stop me!
Waise its good to be single =) i likes it.....
Im just over it ... yeah thats the reality!! everything!! NO REGRETS!!
Life is to enjoy no matter in company or alone...
But these days its really good!!!