Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Finance Campaign -post 1-

Answer a) Dashboard is a news feed which gives updates and monitors on the list of things that are happening. It arranges them with the dates they’ve been posted by the blogger. Dashboard in terms of business is really helpful with giving ‘at a glance’ view on things like business marketing and HR strategies. It can be useful for Business Intelligence as to tell the business if there is something wrong or right happening for the business. Dashboards help with the big data as to provide indicators and give a ‘summarized view’ of business progress. Dashboards are useful in business in some ways:
• They are simple, so communication is made easier.
• Less distractions
• On point, not so much extra information so it’s not boring.
• Applies human visual perception to visual presentation of business.
• Mostly its graphical presentation, which is easy to understand and interpret.

Answer b) Our dataset represents a financial report of a finance campaign for the rival political canditates from the USA for the period 2009 until 2010.
1.What is the highest net contribution amongst the candidates? Candidates name is the attribute and the net contribution is the metric.

2.What is the candidates highest cash on hand at the beginning? candidates name is the attribute and the cash on hand is the metric.

3.who is the candidate with the highest operating expenditure? candidates name is the attribute and operating expenditure is the metric.

4.which state has the most percentage of debt owned? states name is the attribute and the debt owned is the metric.

5.what is the maximum cash on hand for the states at the beginning? states name is the attribute and the cash on hand is the metric.