Sunday, September 25, 2011

I miss You

Living in this loneliness is hard to be. I miss you, all of you.
Mama, I miss you. Now im just sitting here alone and expecting or wish to expect my mama to call me from the other room or atleast scream at me. I want that to happen.
Papa, Call me what you do, please? Gadha? or anything you like? I won't mind AT ALL. Please?
Omer, you ass. Kutaay. I hate you but I miss you real bad. Bug me please where are you? now or later when im on the phone?
Kashaf my own doll, who's just so cute while asking me Hassan bhai when are you gonna come back? '
Sameen, yes you! I miss you all the time. I thought id live away from you but no, i can't. I need you near and without you here nothing seems right. Every night, i look up at think what you might be doing. Idk, missing me too? I guess. :(
That place, the white building. I miss it all.
Ehab. That ass who was always around me and understanding EVERY thing I do and say. I love you brother. Punch me? I want you to now?
Gotta go now. Later.

Welcome to pearson!

Woah! A new place. A new environment. A new beginning. A new life. Thats what I felt the moment I stepped onto the Canadian airport. "dekh kar aur samjh kar parna" the words my mother spoke to me at the airport, still echoing in my head.
Now i've realised i've got the start I needed and now its my time to make a difference and fulfil the dreams of the people who love me. To prove to the world what I am and what I can do on my own. All on my own to mark my mark.