Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome to pearson!

Woah! A new place. A new environment. A new beginning. A new life. Thats what I felt the moment I stepped onto the Canadian airport. "dekh kar aur samjh kar parna" the words my mother spoke to me at the airport, still echoing in my head.
Now i've realised i've got the start I needed and now its my time to make a difference and fulfil the dreams of the people who love me. To prove to the world what I am and what I can do on my own. All on my own to mark my mark.


  1. great! Good luck for ur new life ..:)

    so are u there for studies work?

    i want to visit canada too.. i applied for immigration but lol they dont want me there... and may be its not such a bad thing as i am really afraid of being on my own... all alone! among new faces... wihtout my folks... who make it alright for me ...

    but yey if i cud be offered a yr thing and to check out it for a limited time... i wud take it as an experience!

    you do tell us ur day in day outs... feelings, problems, good things bad things... and wat kind of ppl u meet and what u say abt them, feel abt them...

    it will be such a help for us to know.

  2. heyy. YEs i am here for my studies and further settling plans :) and sure. will do keep up with my blog. And yeah it looks like to me a great place.