Sunday, July 29, 2012

Call me a retard?

The reason I made this blog was because of saniya. She liked it and so she made me like it. Half the things on my blog are just fucked up random shit and half are bits of my past. Mainly I've stuck around here was to read about all that she talked or mostly didnt talk about to people. After breaking up with, more like a psycho social-networking stalker. I wasnt really supposed to be doing that, but i did. We all cross lines, right? But I still can't get the answer to why I kept reading what she wrote. Honestly I dont know. This post is a subtle message for her, or wait, since she is the only one amongst my followers so i guess its more like a direct message to her. Maybe she reads it, maybe not. Honestly, I just want you to know that I miss you. Its hard letting go of things. Or, wait, I say the hardest thing in life is to let go. I'll keep doing that. It sucks eh. Well but im just gonna give up acting like a bitch ass stalker, or try to. You have fun with your life and if theres any thing saniya you wanna talk about to me, im here. My back hurts now. Ill catch some sleep and hopefully stop logging in here and pretend to not care. - Hassan

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reaching for something thats already gone.

Is it okay to miss someone youre not supposed to. What does that make you? Fake? Lonely? Weak? Obsessed? Weird as fuck?

Loser of the year.

You make me wanna shut it all down, throw it all away cuz im nothing if I don't have you. Whats the point of being on top? All the money in the world? If I can't blow it all on you. So send the cars back. Put the house on the market. And my big dreams too. Cuz its all so clear. Now without you here. Im a loser of the year.