Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dont know what hurts the most

Hi. This ones for you.
I try to remember the last time we actually enjoyed having fun, i guess i dont really remember the last time. I guess its been ages since we had the time to. I dont really know why this all took place. Give me the reasons to all this or Just TELL ME how i can sort it right! i swear ill do it, for you, for me, for us.
I don't know, but mama says you love me. I guess i want you to say that to me or atleast make me feel that way, secure.
I've always wanted a dad-like-friend who'd be like hey hassan, how was school? what'd you do all day? hope you didnt bunk classes the way i did? Got any girlfriend (maybe thats going too far)
I wanted you to scold me at the time when i fail, or even beat me. But then when im all alone I wanted you to be there with me, hold me together in your arms, comfort me so i could feel better.
Please tell me how to make it better? PLEASE.
Because i miss you, papa.