Thursday, May 27, 2010

One step back

Sometimes, people turn so confused even when everything has been planned.
For instance to love someone isn't the problem, the problem is how to express it....The person fears that what if they go tslk to him/her then they might get dumped or refused or even if its a boy getting slapped back.

Sometimes people even after knowing that the other person also likes him/her is still silent...
well, i don't really get it Why?? do people play such games with their hearts. even after knowing it kills them every moment without their love..... WHY????

I come up that all this is a circle revolving around us, sometimes things go as expected and someimes things don't just work at All!
I am still looking for an answer????




Well my first post on my blog... =D

H.R.7 means Hassan Rizwan 7... well actually this was choosen cuz i am a fan of cristiano ronaldo the famous soccer player and he is known by the name of C.R.7. lol.

Well im getting of my o-levels finally then surely i'd be posting stuff so people do check it out....

till then later,